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Oil Removal Filters


Boston Gear's oil removal (coalescing) filters are used in compressed air systems to provide an extremely clean air supply virtually free of oil aerosols. Unwanted oil is often introduced into compressed air systems by the lubricating oil in the air compressor. Typical applications include paint spraying, pneumatic control instrumentation, printing and paper separation and protection of air bearings and fluidic instrumentation. Oil removal filters are supplied with an automatic drain and a service life indicator as standard features. The service life indicator provides visual indication of the condition of the filter element, eliminating the guesswork of when to replace the element. The indicator shows green when new and as the pressure differential across the element increases it will turn to red. To ensure that the filter element provides a long service life, it is recommended that a standard air filter with a 5 micron element is placed prior to the oil removal filter.


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