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Padded Mailer


Size: (Can be custom-made)(W x L) R1: 150 x 255 + 35mmflap R2: 215 x 280 + 35mmflap R4: 240 x 340 + 35mmflap R5: 265 x 380 + 35mmflap R6: 300 x 405 + 35mmflap R7: 360 x 480 + 35mmflap

Features: 1) Consistent cushioning protection; interior fibers expand as the

package is handled throughout the shipping cycle 2) Padded interior made from 100% recycled fibers, can be reused 3) Easy to insert: Product slides in smoothly and quickly for labor

savings and product efficiency 4) Paper surface for easy labeling. Ideal for franking, printing,

stamping and writing 5) Self-seal closure saves labor and produces a secure closure

and speeds up packaging operations 6) Easy-open tear strip allows quick access without tools. This

special design has been registered with national patent 7) Designed to provide excellent protection with a minimum use of

material, reducing the amount of packaging material required 8) Made from recycled materials, can be reused


Packaging Carton
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