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Paper Recycling & Pulp Moulding Machinery


1. HP 3000 Hydro Pulper 2. PRPM-3000 Pulp Moulding Machine 3. HAG -3000 Hot Air Generator 4. HAB-3000 Hot Air Blower 5. PEMD-3000 Pre Drier & Drier with Conveyor


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Parason Segmental Refiner Disc

Parason Segmental Refiner Disc - Stock Pepration Equipment Overhung plate designs with a higher outer diameter, increase the capacity edge length of the plate. Resulting in increased plate life and...


Pulper with belt Conveyor

Salient Features: * Medium Consistency Pulper for slushing of all type waste paper and machine Broke. * It is continuos type Pulper having very good efficiency * Pulper is provided with S.S....


High Consistency Pulpers

Salient Features: * High Consistency Pulper is suitable for slushing of all type of waste paper at consistency range of 13-18% with minimum fines generation. * It is a batch type Pulper having very...


Horizontal Pressure Screen

APPLICATION : Parason Horizontal screen is designed for coarse screening at Pulp mill/Stock preparation stage and to work with waste paper/mill pulp. WORKING PRINCIPLE: Pulp stock at 2 to 4 %...


Parason Hi-Consistency Pulper

Parason Hi-consistency pulper operates with special stainless steel cast rotor. The Geometry, profiles, curvatures and large surface area of rotor transmit the energy to fibers and generate...


Parason Low Consistency Pulper

Versatile pulper to various applications available in different capacities. Please contact us for product and pricing information.


Multi Screen

Our Multi Screen has the following features: *Coarse Screening, Primary Fine Screening operation in one Screen. *H+S Hole & Slot in one screen only. *Excellent Screening performance with low...


Parason Turbo Separator

APPLICATION: Parason Turbo Separator is a disc screen specially designed for coarse screening of primarily for Pulp strainer with a high trash and flake consent like recycled paper. WORKING...


Parason Medium Consistency Screen

The ideal screen for waste paper stock preparation (white and brown grade). The special rotor design allows the screen to operate at 3-5.5% consistency. The stock suspension is screened through a...


Vacuum Molding Machine

SM Engineers & Consultants is the machinery and consultancy division of the group. It has successfully developed machinery for producing vacuum formed pulp molded articles and Combustible cartridge...

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used machine

used machine for pulp and paper, conveyor, pulper ,turbo separator, HD Cleaner, Refiners, Thickner, pressure screen, and low density cleaner and other parts

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