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Parker Print Surf Tester (PPS)



Developed from Dr. John Parker's original method, the Parker Print-Surf (PPS) is designed to accurately measure the surface roughness of sheet materials under conditions similar to those experienced during the printing process.

The sample is clamped between a precision engineered measuring head and a specifically designed backing assembly. It provides the information you need to avoid time-consuming, costly printing problems.


Fine paper, Coated paper, Newsprint, Coated board, Films and foils, Printing/graphics, Packaging, Carton board


* Number of measuring heads: One or two (58-07-00-0001) * Roughness range-normal: 0.20 - 6.50µm * Roughness range-high: 6.0 – 15.0µm * Air permeance range - ISO 5636/1: 0 – 14.5µm.Pas * Air permeance range – Bendtsen equivalent: 0-10000ml/min * Air permeance range- Gurley equivalent: 1-6000s * Clamp pressures – preset: 500, 1000, and 2000kPa * Clamp pressures – custom setting: 100 – 5000kPa * Conforms to ISO 8791/4 and TAPPI T555


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