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Puncture Tester


INTRODUCTION: The Puncture Tester is designed to measure the energy required to puncture corrugated board and therefore help assess the protective qualities of that board. Resistance to puncture is defined as the energy required to force a puncture head of specific design through a test piece under clearly specified conditions. APPLICATIONS: Corrugated board SPECIFICATIONS: * Meets DIN 53142, SCAN P23 * A right-angled shaped triangular pyramid head punctures the clamped sample. * Retardation of the pendulum is prevented by the automatic insertion of a slip collar once the sample is punctured. * Four ranges: bullet0-5 Nm in 0.1 Nm graduations bullet0-10 Nm in 0.1 Nm graduations bullet0-20 Nm in 0.2 Nm graduations bullet0-36 Nm in 0.2 Nm graduations FEATURES: * Safety Guards * Four energy ranges * Energy absorbed is recorded on an easy-to-read scale * Slip collar * Robust and heavy construction


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