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Sand Traps


WORKING PRINCIPLE: The tangential inlet accelerates the stock to downward centrifugal motion. Sand with high specific gravity is forced to the outer wall of cone and downward to collect in a trap from here it is isolated and removed through a valved chamber with intermittent discharge. Thus clean stock rises through the middle of vortex towards the outlet. Water injection at the base of the cone maintain the vortex action and aids fiber recovery BENEFITS: -Efficient removal of sand than the conventional sand trap (Riffler) -Clean pulp stock for the de-inking and further processing -No driven parts, so operating re-ability is ensured. -Easy visual inspection of vortex through illuminated sight glass. -Simple installation -Protection of further Screening, Refining, De-inking equipment from wear and damage through abrasion. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : - Throughput : 3000 LPM - Working consistency : 0.7-101% - Applications : On line removal of contaminants like sand. Can be designed for suitable product range. PARASON SAND-TRAP can also be installed before Screening, De-inking and Refining.


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