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spray code machine(MP100)


Our company products include: Filling Machine,Packaging Machine,Packing Machine,ect. Machine name:spray code machine Model MP-100 Uses The computer inkjet printer, using the UK Coding technology, For food, medicine, chemical industry, beverage, cosmetics, electronics components and building materials industries play a date code, shelf life of Coding, is the choice of a mass production line. Specifications 1. Print number of rows :1-3 line 2. Font Height: 1.2mm-12mm 3. Print speed: 2m / s 4. Print direction: 360 degrees 5. Print content: Chinese, English, Arabic, picture 6. Operating voltage: 220V ± 10% VAC, 50Hz 7. Operating Humidity: 30% -95% RH 8. Dot Size: 5 * 77 * 9 12 * 12 16 * 16 24 * 24 9. Print format: positive and negative, reverse, back reverse Main structural characteristics 1. The introduction of the new British Coding ink-drive system with built-in pump 2. Changes to the content of lead in achieving online 3. The first to use large print head input method 4. On-line print three lines of numbers in Chinese and English 5. High-speed printing for a variety of materials, can automatically edit the graphic


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