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Boston spur gears are designed to transmit motion and power between parallel shafts. Configurations include spur, rack, pinion wire, stem pinions and internal gears; most with a selection of bores, keyways and set screws. Fine-pitch gears are available in plastic, brass, stainless steel and steel. Heavier pitch spurs are available in steel and cast iron. Styles include plain, web, web with lightening holes or spoked. Change gears have consecutive numbers of teeth for a variety of ratios. Boston Gear manufactures both 14-1/2° and 20°PA, involute, full depth system gears. While 20°PA is generally recognized as having higher load carrying capacity, 14-1/2°PA gears have extensive use. The lower pressure angle results in less change in backlash due to center distance variation and concentricity errors. It also provides a higher contact ratio and is consequently a smoother, quieter operation provided that the undercut of the teeth is not present.


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