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Tensile Tester Electro-Mechanical Models


For determining the tensile strength and elongation at break of the paper, board, metal foil, textile and plastics. Electro-Mechanical Models: Electro-Mechanical - (Motorized Schopper Type) A reliable and cost effective model for providing the determination of tensile strength and elongation of paper, paperboard and other similar material. Pulling rate is regulated through DC variable speed drive during the test through a calibrated potentiometer. Range 0-30 Kg. Or 300 N., 0-60 Kg. Or 600 N. Electro-Hydraulic Type Gives the pulling clamp a uniform and vibration free movement regardless of the load. Hydraulic Oil pump specially designed, with a built-in variable constant speed flow regulator in respect of load for constant clamp speed during the test. The instrument has a silent running and a long service life with low maintenance costs. Range 0-30 Kg. Or 300 N., 0-60 Kg. Or 600 N.


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