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Virgin Pulp Toilet Paper


1.Material: Virgin Pulp,Wood Pulp,Recycled Pulp&Mixed Pulp. 2.The Production Standard: GB/T20808 3.The Hygienic Standard: GB15979 4.Ply: From 1 to 4 ply.The normal type is 2-3ply. 5.Sheet size from 8-14cm. 5.The paper density:15-23gsm. 6.Core and stamp are workable. 7.Packing: 4,6,8,10,12,40,72 rolls/pack,can be customized 8.The LOGO,Bar Code,or Pattern can be printed on the packing. 9.Quality Guarantee: 3 years 10.The Attention: Free of moisture,fire and pressing.

Our paper is free of powder,high water absorption and easily disolved in water,the OEM and DEM is workable.


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