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VPSA Oxygen Plant


Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) is an advanced gas separation technology that utilizes the different selectivity of adsorbents for gas molecules to separate gas components. Based on the principle of VPSA technology, the VPSA-O2 units adopt the special adsorbent (model: PU-8) to enrich the oxygen in the air and supply it to the user. Production Capacity 1,000Nm3/h-4,0000Nm3/h, equivalent to liquid oxygen of about 34 TPD – 1,360 TPD. Typical Applications >Steel: Blast furnace oxygen-rich coal injection, electric furnace steelmaking > Non-ferrous metallurgy: combustion-supporting for non-ferrous metals metallurgy including copper, lead, nickel, zinc, tin, and gold. > Chemical: gasification furnace oxygen-rich gas making, carbon black production, sulfur trioxide production, etc. > Kiln energy-saving: combustion supporting for glass kilns, cement kilns, and oxygen-rich combustion supporting for waste incinerators > Papermaking: pulp bleaching process > Sewage treatment: OEAA technology, oxygen source for ozonizer Technical Advantages Based on the high-efficient lithium-based VPSA-O2adsorbent PU-8, combining with the unique airflow distribution technology, advanced process design, and reliable supplementary devices, PIONEER has successfully ensured energy-efficient and large-scale VPSA-O2plants to provide O2product at a lower cost. 1. Experienced engineering PIONEER has built the most VPSA-O2 plants in China, including the world’s largest VPSA-O2 plant. 2. Excellent energy consumption Energy consumption of PIONEER’s VPSA-O2 plant is <0.35 kWh/m3 O2, which is among the lowest, around the world. 3. Internationally-leading process design PIONEER has built up the first set of radial bed in China.Independently-developed five-bed, air intake and other original process designs have proved obvious advantages. 4. The independently-developed lithium-based adsorbent PIONEER’s independently-developed and produced lithium-based VPSA-O2 adsorbent PU-8 is featured by high selectivity and high working capacity of nitrogen, which is among the best around the world. 5. Mature and reliable system running The long-term engineering practice has proved that PIONEER’s VPSA-O2 plants are stable and the supplementary devices are mature and reliable, thus ensuring the continuous production for users.


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