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Fiberboard  Suppliers in East Asia
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Anhui Hongshi Electric Co.,Ltd

Basic Member

Trading Company

Hefei, Anhui, China

Vulcanized fibre series: 1, Abrasive disc backing Vulcanized fibre. (1) the Abrasive Vulcanized fibre.Main specification contain 0.8 mms;1.0 mms.1.2 mms three kinds of. (2) Dark green Abrasive the...

Presspahn, Presspaper , pb2, precompressed Press Board ,Transformer Pressboard, Presspahn Gaskets ,Presspahn Washers

Diamond Dotted Paper,Diamond Doted Presspaper,DDP,Diamond Dot Press paper, Diamond Dotted, Diamond pattern DPP,D.D.P ,DIAMOND DOTTED FILM 6233 DDF

3240, high quality 3240 epoxy sheet, insulation board 3240 epoxy glass fabric laminated sheets is made of alkali-free E-glass cloth impregnated with epoxy resin by processing under heat and...

FR4, G10 FR4 insulation sheet, G10/FR4 Epoxy glass fiber lamianted sheet, 3240/fr4/g10/fr5/g11, Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminated Sheet Specifications Fiberglass laminated sheet G10 FR4 sheet ...

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