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Sand / Emery Paper suppliers
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Adopt the special treated Aluminium Oxide,it has the long durability life,the sanding surface is fine.It is widely used in rosewood, musical instrument, furniture, automobile wheel hub, plastic,... View details

Waterproof abrasive paper (latex impregnated) for wet and dry sanding.The inherent flexibility allows contour of the irregular surface. Usually used in wet sanding of paints, primes, the surface of... View details

For wet and dry sanding, usually used in polishing and sanding paints, precision instrument, metal, composite materials, automobile production and repair, electron. View details

Since the special material, the product has the super prevent clogging and static. The paper base has flexible and high wear resistance character, which makes the abrasive paper has high sanding... View details

Waterproof abrasive paper for wet sanding of paints, primes, surface of the automobile industries,also used for sanding and finishing of plastics,leather, mechanical components, furniture, precision... View details

The special coat prevent clogging and static.Primer,lacquer and sealer sanding with obital in furniture industries.Also widely used in the IT industry surface treating.The flexible latex paper can... View details

The latex is impregnated and special coated prevents clogging and static.It has super powerful sanding efficiency and long usage life.The super flexible and high strong latex paper backing allows to... View details