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Edpack Karunia Persada, PT, or also known as EdPack Persada is a company that operates its business in producing or manufacturing industrial packaging products and also supply, distribute its products to several industries or companies in the varying location. Mutual Partner with several companies Edpack Karunia Persada, PT as long as undergoes its business by producing, distributing and supplying packaging products, our company has cooperated as a working partner to several industries such as cement, mortar cement, white cement, food and beverages, organics and spices, agriculture, cocoa, cacao, palm sugar, desiccated coconut, charcoal, activated carbon, food chemical, industrial chemical, tea, asphalt, mining, metallurgy, compound, resin plastic, soap, noodle, textile, medical, pharmacy, medical, beauty, pharmacy, etc. Packaging products of Edpack Karunia Persada, PT are used for local usage and export purpose by local, national and multinational companies. We have a commitment to establish cooperation for long term cooperation with our clients or customers for our existence and advance by pursuing and focusing on our customers' satisfaction. We have experienced in packaging products industries like: Paper Packaging: Paper packaging is a packaging which its main material is made from paper. Our paper packaging products such as paper sack (paper sack kraft multi plies, sandwich bag or paper sack woven laminated, paper sack aluminum foil laminated and paper sack pe coated lamination), paper angle or paper edge protector, paper pallet or cardboard pallet or corrugated pallet, corrugated carton box, paper core or paper tube, honeycomb board and honeycomb core Plastic Packaging: Plastic packaging products are products whose main material is made from plastic. Our plastic packaging products such as plastic vacuum bag, plastic HDPE and LDPE, woven bag, jumbo bag, plastic wrapping or plastic stretch film, strapping band, infraboard Jute Packaging: This product jute packaging is made from main material jute or gunny material Wooden Packaging: These wooden packaging products are made from the main material raw wood. The products such as wooden pallets and wooden crates. We prepare wooden packaging for ISPM No. 15 usage or export purpose Why cooperate or use our product is the right choice? Establish cooperation with EdPack Karunia Persada is the right choice for you to prepare packaging products you need. In our business activities, we have a vision, mission, business goal, quality objectives, motto, and values to work. Vision: Becoming a trusted, reliable, fast, accurate and communicative company for handling all of our companies business and being a reference company for customers and markets in meeting their needs and their relationships with respect to packaging products for a local, national and international company Mission: Commitment all the time in answering the needs of customers and growing market through the supplying of quality products. Fast, precise, and accurate in answering and solving problems. Communicative and persuasive in listening to customers. Skilled and trained in completing tasks and responsibilities and obligations. Friendly service and systematic, controlled and trusted management Our Quality Objective: Strive for achieving our customer's satisfaction with zero complaints and creating effectiveness and efficiency of the production process and customer service Our Motto: Edpack Karunia Persada, PT has a motto or slogan in doing our business we abbreviate with a nice words " INNER QUALITY ONE STOP SERVICE" yang merupakan singkatan dari Innovative, Excellence, Respect, Quality, dan One-Stop Service " with a little but nice meaning such as : Innovative : Our company always creating innovation in our services and products for achieving our vision and mission and quality objectives. Excellence : That our company always trying to prepare the best quality products and services to achieve our business goal, vision, mission and quality objectives Quality : That our company always doing its business by preparing high-quality products and services to pursue a best quality standard so that the products and services we give that are used by our clients are able to meet or fulfill our client's expectation One Stop Service : That our company always doing its business by preparing an intensive and fast communication in several kinds of communications such as direct communication, chatting, meeting or even by email and sites that can be accessed every time and everywhere Business Values of Edpack Karunia Persada, PT For us, customers are a way to get a profit alone to our company, but a family partner of our company that must still exist, develop, and sustainable in their business. Long Term relation with the clients we always keep and our clients trust that we always maintain. For us, the best quality products and services are very important and as a core of our business in all our products and services. For us, preparing and ease and comfortable products and service to all our customers in establishing cooperation as a working partnership with our client is very basic that must be fulfilled. Ease in communication, ease in preparing and getting the best quality product, and ease in giving solutions for even a little bit of problem. For us, giving a nice service, a persuasive communication, a fast product delivery, and affordable product price and can be negotiated, guarantee quality products, an experienced team are the main factors to achieve our customers' satisfaction. For us, be with our customers is a must. We prepare a consultation and after-sale service for our customers. For us, customer satisfaction is a must.

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Paper Sacks

Brown Paper Sacks

Block Bottom Open Mouth Paper Sacks

Aluminum Laminated Paper Sacks

Multiwall Paper Sacks

Paper Bags

Paper Seamless Cores

Paper Tubes

Paper Angle Protector

Paper Inner & Outer Diameter Protector

Cardboard Boxes

Overlap Carton Boxes

White Paper Sacks

Sewn Paper Sack

Valve Paper Sacks

PE Coated Laminated Paper Sacks

Woven Laminated Paper Sacks

Paper Cores

Paper Cans

Paper Cones

Paper U & L Shape Protector

Paper Flat Protector

Die Cut Box Cartons

Hand Carton Boxes

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Address Line1 Jl. Irigasi Komplek Edpack Persada No. 1, RT.002/RW.003
Address Line2 Ragemanunggal, Kec. Setu, Kabupaten
City Kota Bekasi
Postal Code 17320
State Jawa Barat (West Java)
Country Indonesia
Region Southeast Asia

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Working Days Monday through Friday
Working Hours 8 AM to 5 PM
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