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I Love the Flexibility of Pausing My Subscription

As a premium quality DSOCC waste paper supplier, I sometimes do not have enough supply. I love the flexibility of pausing my subscription when I do not have a supply of DSOCC and resuming it when I can supply again. That way, I don’t have to cancel my subscription and resubscribe.

I Thank Myself for Upgrading My PaperIndex Membership

I spent more than 27 years in sales before starting notebooks and exercise books manufacturing unit in my hometown. I already knew the importance of having access to a quality source for lead generation, and I thank myself for upgrading my PaperIndex membership without thinking twice about it. My sales pipeline has enough leads all the time. I would strongly recommend PaperIndex if you are looking to generate quality sale inquiries for your business.

Receiving Sales Leads on WhatsApp Saves My Time...I instantly Connect with Prospective Buyers

I manage two different businesses and always short on time. Receiving sales leads on WhatsApp saves my time as I can chat and call the prospect on WhatsApp and I do not have to manage emails. I instantly connect with prospective buyers and qualify them without exchanging emails.

We Now Do Not Depend on Luck to Find New Buyers

We create a fantastic website to differentiate from our competitors hoping to receive inquiries from the website. We waited but received only a few inquiries occasionally because our site never ranked high in search engines. We are a Diamond member at PaperIndex now and receive inquires on a regular basis for paper bags, pouches, and straws business. We now do not depend on luck to find new buyers.

Stopped Advertising in Expensive Google Ads

We stopped wasting money and you should too. We were using expensive pay per click ads in Google search engine for finding new prospects for our paper products (paper bags, pizza boxes, paper cups, paper plates) business. We were spending over $1200 per month on Google Ads targeting European countries. Due to the fixed monthly fee, we found PaperIndex Diamond membership a very inexpensive way of finding new prospects from around the world and stopped advertising in expensive Google Ads. I am getting 70% of my new business from PaperIndex. After joining PaperIndex as a Diamond member, my cost per lead is less than one tenth the cost I was paying to gain a new customer.

Started Exporting Tissue Parent Rolls to 4 Customers in Other Countries in South America

I live in the US and have a tissue paper mill in one of South American countries. After connecting with buyers at PaperIndex, I started exporting tissue parent rolls to 4 customers in the other countries in South America. I hope this continues.

Practically Unlimited A4 Copy Paper Leads

My sales manager is so happy to have practically unlimited A4 copy paper leads delivered to our email regularly. Excellent customer support by PaperIndex is an icing on the cake.

Exporting Kraft Paper to a Premium Mobile Phone Packaging Box Maker in China

I wanted to take a minute and thank PaperIndex. We are a kraft paper manufacturer in India and we wanted to export to big packaging companies and converters in China. PaperIndex helped us connect with several prospects in China and we are now exporting kraft paper exclusively to a premium mobile phone packaging box maker in China.

My Team No Longer have to Waste Time on LinkedIn and Facebook to Fish for Buyers

I still recall asking my team to again and again post the same products on LinkedIn and Facebook, hoping some buyer someday would take a note and contact us. We did receive some inquiries, but they never converted. The problem was that I was trying to sell at places where nobody was looking for suppliers. We no longer pollute social media platforms by reposting the same stuff as we used to. After becoming a Pro member at PaperIndex, we receive high-quality and targeted sales leads. We even receive invites from buyers to submit quotations on their RFQ. My team no longer have to waste time on LinkedIn and Facebook to fish for buyers.

Flooded with Waste Paper Inquiries...Eliminated the Commission

We work with several waste paper yards in the US and always have a plenty of waste paper supply. Our problem was the lack of enough buyers to sell to. After joining PaperIndex, we are now flooded with waste paper inquiries from India, Pakistan, Egypt, and Bangladesh. We now work directly with paper manufacturers and eliminated the commission that we needed to pay to brokers in the past.

Domestic Sales are Already Up 250% in Two Years

We are a kraft paper and waste paper trading company and we supply to domestic customers in India. Our domestic sales are up already up 250% in two years after I joined PaperIndex. I have expanded my network and hired more employees in the hope of even better sales in the near future.

Now Exporting to 7 Countries

We were exporting OINP only to Philippines and thanks to PaperIndex, we and our partners in 2 other countries are now exporting to buyers in 7 countries including Pakistan, Philippines, Ghana, Bangladesh, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer free membership as a risk-free way to help suppliers test if PaperIndex services would be useful in generating new sales leads or inquiries.

No, your free membership never expires. Free or Basic membership at PaperIndex is a membership trial that never expires. You may choose to remain a free member forever.

No, you don't have to upgrade your membership. We believe in delivering value and free members at PaperIndex voluntarily upgrade their membership if they find our services useful for their business. We never use high-pressure sales tactics to ask our free members to upgrade their membership.

No, you don't have to pay any commission or brokerage. PaperIndex isn't a broker or agent, therefore, there is no brokerage or commission to pay.

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