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My name is Joseph, the Director of (company name removed). I am new to the paper and film business. As such, I do appreciate any support you can offer. I don't know if the sample name C1S, No-OGR, 81 GSM + 89 GSM means anything to you or not. That's one of many type of papers my customer is looking for. That name / description is printed on the top of the specs sheet, I got from my customer. If the name C1S, No-OGR, 81 GSM + 89 GSM doesn't provide enough information, what other information are required in order to identify the correct paper and film for my customers? My customers are manufacturing chocolate and candy bags. They are classified as a printing and packaging company. The paper and film they use come in large rolls, 900KG. They are using rotogravure and flexo type printing presses running at 400 meters per minute. Please let me know if you need more information, like specs sheets or anything else. Best regards, Joseph

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900 Metric Ton(s)

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Vancouver, Canada




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Jun 08, 2020


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Joseph Mestrovic
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