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Dear Sirs/Ladies, As one of the oldest and experienced representations and trading companies in Turkey, we are taking the liberty of sending you this message to offer you our professional services for selling in our country all types of papers and boards that you are producing. Please visit our site for getting more information about our activities and capacities for developing businesses, if you are certainly free for the Turkish market. Our company has close business contacts with all the major converters, distributors and users of flexible papers, thermal papers, glassine papers, cup boards, face materials and folding boards in Turkey and would be honoured to represent also your company for presenting and selling in Turkey the products that you developed and that you are exporting to various countries. We provide our professional services to our Principals on a commission basis. In other words, the services that we provide to our Principals are compensated with the commission of 3% or 5% that our Principals include to their selling prices as the deliveries are directly made to the final users according to the order-sheets that we send to our Principals when we are successful in closing deals. On your request, we will be pleased to send you our references from the companies that we are exclusively representing in Turkey for decades, from prime Turkish banks as well as prime international banks such as UBS Z├╝rich. Hoping to develop for your company, in a very short period of time, important business to our mutual interest, and looking forward to receiving your reply at your earliest convenience, we remain, with kindest regards, Yours sincerely, Leo

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Sep 16, 2020


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Leo Ibrahimzade
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