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biodegradable flowerpot


we can provide Environmental flower pots biodegradable flower pots, plant fiber flowerpot, nursery Cup, environment-friendly biodegradable seedling cups,biodegradable environmentally friendly flower pots,trays,nursery tray etc. This product is based on crops such as rice straw, wheat straw, corn cob, and bamboo shavings/power etc as the main raw material. Non-polluting production processes, there is no pollution after wasting the decomposer. But it also can be the fertilizer for plants. It is a natural-biodegradable, non-polluting product. Product Features: 1: Safety, health, acid, alkali, light, waterproofs non-toxic side effects. 2: We can adjust the production crafts and determine the different degradation period according to the customer's request. 3: Beautiful appearance, they can be made of a variety of shape, color as the customer's request, the flower planter can be perforated at the bottom to prevent root rot. 4: Excellent ventilation and drainage. 5: When transplanting, the nutrition flower planter can be transplanted together with the flower seedling, nutrition flower can be decomposed naturally into humic acid organic fertilizer. 6: Product lightweight, convenient transportation, difficult to be damaged.


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