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About Polaris

Polaris is the software operating with the new modified line of CM-3600 series of instruments from Minolta, especially modified for measuring white samples containing Fluorescent Whitening Agents (FWA). The software takes full advantage of the use of more than one flash-lamp with the CM-3600 instruments to handle fluorescence and absorption separately; the calculation final colorimetric data takes into consideration the mixing of additive and subtractive parts of the detected fluorescent color. Polaris is a program specifically made for whiteness measurements with following functions:

* measurement of reflectance spectra of white fluorescent samples

* calculation of non-fluorescent and fluorescent contributions to reflectance

* calculation of colorimetric data under consideration of additive and substrative color mixing

* calculation of whiteness-related values as total numbers and as contributions from base white, shading and fluorescent parts

* calculation of whiteness-related values under different illuminants to assess metameric effects

* graphical spectral presentation and printable tables of results

* storage of results in Access databank

There is also a version to be used with a portable instrument also for making color profiles.

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