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Colored Copy Paper, Testliner, Glassine Paper


PRODUCTS APPLICATION AREAS Copy Paper: For Office/personal writing and printing use 8.5” x 11”.(75 GSM/80 GSM/100 GSM) Color Copy Paper Coated/uncoated Papers: Perfect paper for digital Printing mainly for Printing the Professional photos. Test Liner: High-quality brown test liner is made of 100% high quality recycled fibres. Starch is added to guarantee higher strength levels. Used in manufacturing of Corrugated Cartons.(110 GSM/125 GSM/150 GSM/200 GSM/275 GSM) Glassine Paper: Used for displaying baked goods and foods in display cases. Grease won't seep and spread across a sheet of glassine, which keeps food displays looking fresh longer. Carbonless Paper: For commercial use in all types of Industries(CB white 55 GSM/ CFB Color 50 GSM/CF Color 55 GSM) Greaseproof paper: Used in cooking or food packaging(Glassine Blue 60 GSM) Duplex board/Paperboard: Used for making folding Cartons. This product is used in a wide range of industries like Pharmaceuticals, Food Packaging, Garments, Liquor Cartons etc.(250 GSM/270 GSM/310 GSM/350GSM/400 GSM/450 GSM/500 GSM) Cigarette Paper: Used for making cigarettes. Cigarette paper is used to keep the tobacco in the form of a tube. Cigar paper: Used for making Cigars. It is used to keep the tobacco in the form of a tube.


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