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Crepe, Pleating Paper, Kraft Paper, Digital Printing Paper


Kraft paper, MG paper, coated paper, glassine paper, digital printing paper, pleating paper, protection paper for calender paper, cardboard, waxed paper, tissue paper


FOB Price * Not Mentioned
Payment Options L/C
Payment Terms Advance payment
Place of Origin Turkey
Shipping Port Istanbul


Product Condition New
Brand Name Afya Paper
* Prices are subject to change. Please contact the supplier for the latest price.

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Semi-Conducting Black Crepe Paper

Alu. foil laminated with crepe paper available in standard range i.e. 2 mil (50 mic) Crepe Kraft Paper laminated with 9 mic, high conductivity foil used in transformers winding. Width available is...


Insulating Crepe Paper

Manufacturers and exporters of electrical grade insulating crepe Kraft paper for copper conductors, oil cooled transformer insulation winding, flexible crepe paper tubes for interconnections in...


Electrical Grade Kraft Paper

BASE PAPER : The base paper used for manufacturing insulating crepe paper is made by established company in India who are importing long fibre pure wood pulp. The paper has an excellent electrical...


Flexible Crepe Paper Tubes

The another major product, made out of insulating crepe kraft paper is flexible crepe paper tubes used in copper conductor connections to save time for building up insulation, very easy to use as it...

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