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Deinked Pulp


ATH Fibers is the first de-inked pulp mill in the world to be certified 100% Process Chlorine Free by the Chlorine Free Products Association. The pulp is suitable for fine papers, white top boards, or any other application as bleached kraft pulp substitute. The specifications are as follows : ULTRA REGULAR Characteristics Min. Max Min. Max Brightness, % 92 N/A 87 N/A Air dryness % 62 N/A 62 N/A Ash % N/A 5.5 N/A 5.5 Stickies, mm²/kg N/A 30 N/A 60 EBA (dirt; mm²/m² N/A 30 N/A 60 Freeness CSF, ml 350 N/A 350 N/A Testing Optical caracteristics are tested using a Color Touch spectrophotometer (D-65 source). Stickies are tested using a Pulmac (0.152 mm) with a physical count on a 100 g pulp sample. Results are given in mm² of total surface per kg of pulp. Dirts are tested with the EBA method (TAPPI-563) using a Verity scannor and expressed as Equivalent Black Area for particles larger than 0.02 mm². All other testings are performed using industry standard methods (TAPPI or equivalent). Bales size Bales are 32" x 26" x 32" of size and weigh approximately 900 lbs wet (410 kg). Available 500 m.ton per month on 12 month contract


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