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Deinking Enzyme


ABSTRACT DI HC LIQUID is used as an additive in the de-inking process for paper recycling. ABSTRACT DI HC LIQUID due to its surface activity detaches ink particles from the fibers in the pulper or drum, on the other, it generates a suitable range of bubbles in size in the flotation cell. In addition, the dispersing effect of the de-inking serves largely to prevent the redeposition of ink particles onto the fibers. ABSTRACT DI HC LIQUID is added directly into the pulper or drum. The dosage is approx 0.05 -0.2 % to oven-dry furnish. In special cases, ABSTRACT DI HC LIQUID can also be added directly before the flotation cell or the disperser. To a large extend use and effect of ABSTRACT DI HC LIQUID is independent from the prevailing pH in the system. ABSTRACT DI HC LIQUID affects from 35.C to approximate 50.C the foaming properties of the flotation cells. Appearance - Transparent Greenish Bluish Liquid Ph - 10 +/- 1 Solubility - 100 % Viscosity (25.C) - < 600 Flash Point > 150. C Form (25.C) - Liquid Storage Stability 12 months


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