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Hollow Paddle Dryer for Sludge Drying


Hollow paddle dryer is a kind of horizontal stirring type dryer mainly by conduction. It is called a hollow paddle dryer because the internal hollow stirring blades are shaped like a ship's oar. The main structure of the dryer is a W-shaped shell with a jacket equipped with a pair of the hollow low-speed rotary hollow shaft, on which are welded a number of stirring blades, a jacket, and hollow stirring blades, both of which are connected with a hot carrier, and two heating surfaces are heated to the material at the same time. The Heat source can be steam or liquid type: such as hot water, heat-conducting oil, etc. The temperature of the heat source is from -40~320°C. Moisture before and after: Generally sludge before dewatering (initial moisture in 60%-90%), after drying the final moisture is 10%-40%, the general sludge requirements in about 30%, dry sludge into loose powder granular can be mixed with coal powder directly into the boiler combustion, the sludge calorific value is about 1500-200Okcal, can be used for waste and save energy, some sludge drying can also be made into fertilizer and construction materials, or Some sludge can be dried and made into fertilizer and construction materials, or landfilled directly without causing secondary pollution, turning waste into treasure and fully meeting environmental protection requirements)


Min Order Qty. 1 Set
Avg. Lead Time 45 Days
FOB Price * US$16000 / Set
Payment Options L/C
Place of Origin China, Yangzhou
Shipping Port Shanghai


Product Condition New
Model No. or Name KJG5/10/15/20/30/40/50/60
Brand Name SUQIEP
Supply Capacity 30 Sets / Month
Packaging Plywood case
Sample Offered? No
* Prices are subject to change. Please contact the supplier for the latest price.
Jack Tian

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Mr. Jack Tian

Production Manager, Jiangsu Suqi Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

Member Since: May 2021

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Address Line1 Guocun Industrial Park
City Yangzhou
State Jiangsu
Country China (Mainland)
Region East Asia

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