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Poseidon Clarifier


We can help you with water clarification with Kadant Lamort's most innovative Dissolved air flotation device called Poseidon clarifier. Working: Filtrate to be clarified is mixed with very small air bubbles, a flocculent and in some cases a coagulant. The chemicals enable the collection of almost all suspended solids into flocs. The presence of air bubbles in the flocs provides them with a density below 1 and enables them to reach the surface. The numerous separation plates or cones (lamella) provide a very high separation surface, which results in excellent water quality and significantly reduced chemical consumption. Applications: The POSEIDON PPM Clarifier and SATURN Clarifier provide cost efficient water treatment for: * Mill effluent * Fibre recovery (Save all) * Deinking Greywater * Micro Stickies and Wax Removal * Filtrate Polishing Operation: * High TSS capture rate (generally over 95%) * The highest sludge consistency (up to 12%) * High water yield (up to 98%) * Easily handles upstream variations in flow rate and feed concentration * The Modular design of the Saturn allows future capacity increases.- Significant polymer savings * Extremely reliable air mixing system, with the patented Poseipump, allowing optimal calibration of the bubble size * No plugging risks Installation: * Low installation costs due to a modular and pre-assembled construction * Extremely limited footprint * Little or no field erection: unload, position and commission


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