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Pulp & Paper Refiner Plates & Cones


Refiner plates and cones of all sizes and to all application: Mechanical Pulping, MDF, TMP, CTMP, High Consistency, Hot Stok, In Line Refining, Low Consistency and Ultra Low Consistency, havig bars as from 1.3 mm. Techmelt´s refiner plates and alloys are designed to solve plate issues including bar edge rounding, corrosion, cavitation, serration and bar breakage, and continues to develop and improve alloys to meet your refiner plate needs leading to longer life


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Parason manufacturers the Disperser discs various designs and metallurgy. Disperser Discs often face typical initial setting troubles like: - Excessive Vibration - Higher Noise Level - Load...


Refiner Plates

Parason Refiner Filling Offers design to suit pulp & paper industry needs for pulping & refining. The refiner plates and fillings are available from 12” to 64” size and 25 HP to 8000 HP power...


Refiner Plates (Variable Rib)

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Conical refiners for fibre cutting and brushing before paper making machine. Please contact us for more info.


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