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Self Tanning Wipe


Our Self Tanning Wipes are incredibly simple, quick and effective wet-wipe towelettes. When you wipe the towelette over your skin, it works with the amino acids and proteins in the superficial layer of your skin to create a natural looking tan. After application, it takes about 3-4 hours for your tan to appear. Depending on your skin color and chemical levels in your skin, you may need to repeat the application once or twice to achieve the tan you desire. You can reapply immediately afterwards or wait until the next day. The main active ingredient in these wipes is an organic food compound called DHA which reacts with the amino acids in the skin - this reaction is instant and the skin then tans. After application the effects of the instant reaction begin in about 3-4 hours with the tanning / bronze effect becoming most noticeable between 12 - 24 hours. The results last approximately 1 week depending on skin type. Daily applications will top-up the darkness of the tan to your desired colour. The highest allowed concentration of active ingredient DHA is placed into these wipes which means maximum results. The wipes used are soft 50g spun lace which is soft on the skin and less prone to breakage compared with thinner materials on the market. DHA is the perfect bronzing agent for a natural and lasting tan. 1) 55sm spun lace non-woven 2) 200 x 180mm 3) Aluminum foil sachet packing 4) 10 packs per cardboard box and 600 packs per carton


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