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Thermal Paper Rolls


Thermistor with various specifications and quality of cash register paper. Excellent quality, reasonable price. Can provide different weight thermal paper, ordinary heat sensitive paper, thermal paper (waterproof, oil proof, friction) long-term preservationheat sensitive paper (up to 5 years, 10 years or above the preservation period). Characteristic. 1) thermal sensitivity of strong, clear, full color effect. 2) coating thermal powder delicate, uniform, non stick coating printing head. 3) roll compaction, paper is smooth. 4) can provide the tube core of different materials and specifications according to customer requirements: paper tube, plastic tube core. 5) provide different packaging according to customer requirements: gold foil paperpackaging, plastic packaging, separate plastic bags. With the thermal printer. The most commonly used is 57mm in width and 80mm.According to your requirements, we can provide a wide range of G and save life ofthermal paper. It can be used in supermarkets, shopping malls cashier, traffic police, administrativepenalty, ATM bank teller machines, instruments and meters, handheld thermal printer, medical record analyzer, aircraft registration card, parking card etc.. 1) can provide various specifications such as 37mmx50mm, 37mmx70mm,44mmx50mm, 44x70mm, 44x76mm, 57mmx50mm, etc.. 2) you can use a variety of tube core, such as paper tube, plastic tube. 3) the paper surface smooth, bright color, good. 4) paper roll austerity, smooth, easy to use. 5) can produce various specifications according to customer requirements


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