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Thread Book Sewing Machine


Backed by decades of research and innovative work, Thread Book Sewing Machine Model ACME Sewing Master has been established as top level product. With the latest technology and functions, the Machine It is most suitable for commercial production leaving conventional stitcher far behind. It is fully enclosed, compact and robust in construction, even, reliable in efficiency and capability in the intricate block construction. It has very good accessibility to all structural units. The machine is absolutely free from risk prone possibilities as the same has been provided with ELECTRO MAGNETIC systems for instant magnetic brake in adverse conditions. The machine contributes to good psychologic and physiologic working conditions. Due to auto-fed lubrication device, the machine is free from general maintenance, resulting in good quantum of production. CONTROL PANEL: The machine is provided with a Control system for the whole Electric System. It operates the Electric Motor, Lubrication system, Machine lamp and Key switch for shut down the machine in non-working condition, special provision of shut off switch is provided for instant stop of the machine. MACHINE LAMP: This system has been provided with Thread piercing to eliminate all parts/function for every operation of machine. ELECTROMAGNETIC CLUTCH BRAKE: This system is provided for the purpose to conduct smooth functioning of the machine and in the event of any emergency, the magnetic Brake is applied for instant shut off the machine. This special feature of the machine deviates from all the conventional machine in terms of better control on the machine by the operator. The machine can be put into operation only when the operators desires by demagnetising the clutch brake. The feature is most helpful in adverse conditions to avoid futile running of the machine. ADJUSTABLE HOOK/ NEEDLE HOLDER: This device is provided to facilitate the adjustment of stitches. Maximum 7 stitches can be put and these can be had at the desired point with the help of said adjustable Hook / Needle holder. With this the distance and No. of stitches can also be adjusted. LUBRICATIONS: The machine is equipped with time schedule based Lubrication system for repeated Lubrication at desired time intervals to lubricate all the rotating parts for lessening the wear and tear.


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