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Toilet Paper Production Line


PX-WSZ-LX Toilet Paper Production Line

Equipment Function & Character:

1.Under European CE standard designing, Passed CE certificate, With CE or UL certificate for Electric Parts and with safety device, such as, safety-guard door, emergency stop and so on.

2.Most of parts are precisely processed by numerical-control machine; the key mechanical parts are under CNC processing; while the main outsourcing parts are world famous brand.

3.This machine adopts advanced servo driving, PLC system and touching-screen operating system. This machine can materialize successive production (without stop machine; stable running and high production efficiency.

4. This equipment is consisting of rewinding & perforating machine, conveyer, log accumulating system, cutting machine and packaging machine.

5.The collaborating machine packaging machine, can package 6 rolls,

8 rolls, 10 rolls, 12 rolls, 16 rolls and 20 rolls in one-line or two-line package. There is one sealing machine after packaging to seal the bag, the production speed is 20-30 packages per minute (the speed can be set exactly by the roll quantity)

6. Economical machine can reach 200-250meters per minute, medium-rank machine can reach 270-350 meters/per minute, while high-speed equipment can reach 400-650meters (The speed will be influenced by the quality of jumbo roll. )

7. Complete Production Line Size:LxWxH =26000x10000x3040 mm

Main Technical Parameter

Rewinding machine

Jumbo roll specification

1500mm-2700mm ,1?2?,14-30gsm????????

Width 1500mm-2700mm ,1-2 plies, 14-30 GSM toilet paper or kitchen towel

Finished products outer diameter ??150mm;??90mm

Maximum 150mm, minimum 90mm

Perforation distance 100-150mm(can be adjusted,other size can be ordered);

High-speed roll cutting machine

Toilet roll outer diameter F90mm-F150mm(????standard size:110±5mm)

Cutting length (????,????)(length is changeable, servo control)

Machine speed 160?/??, 2?/? 160cuts/min, 2 rolls/cut

Operating speed 150?/??, 2?/? 150 cuts/min, 2 rolls/ cut

Log Accumulating Machine

Workable roll storage quantity ???? Ordered by customers

Storing speed 25?/?? 25 rolls /min

Chosen Items

Packing Machine


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