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Deinking 3 cells LICAR Assemble Year: 1999 Machine stopped since 2003. Production: 25 tons/day. Complete pulp preparation section and machine's head purification also complete and set up to work. Assemble Year: 1987. Paper Production Machine Assemble Year: 1968 Rebuilding Year: 1987 Characteristics: ? Closed arrival box; ? Production Table Foille and void Foilles 3 vacuum boxes and vacuum cylinder, brand: WOLF; ? 3 Presses - The 2nd one to emboss in moist. - Emboss system; ? 28 cylinder Dryer with size-press and vapour campanula; ? Calender KUSTER and Pop; ? Rewinder; ? Grammar and Moist Measurer in continuum, brand: MULE BARLIERE; ? Useful machine's width: 1720 mm; ? Production: 40 - 220 gr. - 17/23 tons/day.


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