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Nalco's patented wax management program consists of a low-viscosity, water-soluble, wax melting point reducer and dispersant coupled with an effective contaminant retention program. The unique chemistry of the wax management program lowers the melting point of waxes, allowing them to be emulsified and stabilized at normal papermaking process temperatures. Once the wax is stabilized in small particle form, an effective contaminant retention program removes the contaminant from the system thereby eliminating deposits and sheet defects. Nalco's wax management program provides papermakers with the opportunity to utilize lower quality, wax-laden fiber without sacrificing finished sheet quality parameters such as dirt, printability, dye or paint acceptance, slide angle, and strength. Implementation of Nalco's wax management program results in improved sheet appearance, reduced inner ply wax bleed, fewer deposits and decreased downtime for board and packaging customers.


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