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Converting Lines for Box Lining  Suppliers
8 products from 3 companies in 1 country

1.Designed speed:100m/min-200m/min 2.Available width:1400mm-2500mm 3.Grounded surface for the hot plate. 4.Dense press roll are applied,press plate is optional,motorized lifting or lowering as a... View details

1.Designed speed:100m/min 2.Available width:1400mm-1800mm 3.Flute profile:A,C,B,E 4.Flooding system lubrication of the reduction gearbox, isolated power supply, frequency conversing control of the... View details

corrugated paperboard separating paper,rolling the line,slicing the corner& opening the slot machine Model NO. FYQ-1800mmx1270mm FYQ-2000mmx1270mm FYQ-2500mmx1270mm FYQ-2200mmx1447mm... View details

As European models, XHBC1050 series punching & die-cutting machine, die-cutting & stamping machine, and holographic positioning & stamping machine feature high precision, high speed, durability and... View details

1?FEEDER · Non-stop" L"type bottom feeding system with extended long feeding table and side lay · Pneumatic side push guide plate (right side only) · Motorized feeding roller · Paper... View details

Corrugated cardboard production line includes case gluing machine,gum mounting machine,surface sticking machiner,printing machinery,mill roll stand,Hydraulic shaft less mill roll stand,single... View details

This machine has adsorbing wind belt transmission function, and settle the problern of corrugating paper arch and hold up.Adopt bottom paper pushing feeding paper,orientation exact,convenience... View details

? Max. sheet length: 2300mm ? Automatic stack and collect cardboard. ? With electromotion transmit horizontally ? Vertical meet cardboard adopt wide conveyer belt to transmit ? The sheets or... View details

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East Asia

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Top Cities Represented by Converting Lines for Box Lining Suppliers, Distributors, Exporters, Sellers on PaperIndex

Beijing, Fushun, Xiamen

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