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BFM Paper Pasting Machine


Main Functions It is suitable for compound the paper of color printing and base paper(corrugated sheet or cardboard). The paper compounded is smooth and artistic. It is an ideal equipment to manufacture the packing paperboard with the high-quality and color. It is used widely for packing field such as the wine, food, electrical household appliances, light industry and textile and so on. User: It is used widely and suitable for processing all kinds of papers. Which means that it is suitable for the cardboard pasting, and paste of corrugated sheet of A.B.C.DE and color printing paper. The high pasting precisions, its surface is level, its edge is in a good order, hard and firm. The pasting speed is fast, and its duplex position can work at the same time. So its effective rises one time. And it can adust when it is in single and double stamps and it is easy. It is suitable for applying akk kinds of mucilages. Because the feeding system is provided automatic by liquid relay and the glue layer can be adjusted, smearing is even and saves its volume. The motor can use the alternating frequency to control stepless and electromagnetic clutch adopts to drive by the solid without touching. And route switch adopts photoeletric switch to examine and the elctric numerical counter and photoelectric have been protected when the ceunter has increased and it can pass the paper. Its structure is reasonable, device is easy and convention, operation is simple and care is easy. When works, places the base and face in position, which is the whole process of finishing smearing automatic, covering and press even.


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