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Cationic Rosin Agent


Introduction    Cationic rosin Sizing, due to its own positive charge, can combine with negative charge of pulp fibers to achieve self-retention, also promote the retention of fillers and fine fibers, and can achieve acidic and neutral sizing within a wide range PH value. The dosage is only 3/4 of anionic dispersed rosin sizing, and aluminum sulfate anion rosin dosage is only 0-1/3 of anionic dispersed rosin sizing. Production costs can be greatly reduced, while the physical performance of paper can also be greatly improved. characteristics:     1. Using the technology of high-temperature and normal pressure inversion method. Fine particle size (0.6-0.8µm; distribution uniformity, stable performance, no precipitation on shelf life and no caking.     2. The potential is equalizing, in the 24-29mv. It can achieve self-retention and near neutral sizing. No ripening period. It is ripened under the machine.     3. Good compatibility. It's easy to achieve the switch with anionic- highly-dispersed- -rosin-sizing.     4. The product is used in a wide of range. It can be applied to straw, wood pulp, recycled pulp of papermaking sizing.     5. It can completely tolerate calcium carbonate, talc and other fillers. The technical indicators   Appearance: milky white liquid Solid content: 35% ± 1  Ionicity: cationic    Particle diameter: 0.2 ~ 0.7 µm    Viscosity: = 25cps (25 ?) P H value: 3-4 Zeta potential: +24-29 mv   Disperstiveness : easily dispersed in cold water Direction 1. slurry tank addition method: The fillers, additives (amylum, aluminum chlorohydrate, etc.) are added to the slurry pool to stir evenly. After 20 minutes, cationic rosin sizing agent is added with metering pump. Then make paper on the mesh.   2. Continuous (flow) addition method (better): The filler, amylum etc. were added to the slurry tank and mix thoroughly, and then in the forward mesh head box, aluminum sulfate solution is added by metering slurry pump. Later in the forward mesh of box, cationic rosin sizing is added by metering slurry pump, which will be the forward mesh headbox with a metering pump to measure cationic rosin added. Then make paper on the mesh. The recommended dosage  1. The dosage of cationic rosin sizing is range from 0.3% to 1.2%. Papermaking factories can adjust the optimum dosage according to the production technology. 2. Cationic amylum (or PAE): 0 ~ 1.0%


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