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Surface sizing agent series Product type:styrene-acrylate high polymer, Physical appearance:light gray with blue latex, Dynamic viscocity:=50mPa.s, Solid content:28%± 2%, PH value:2.5-5.5, Ionicity:A30(Cation);B30(Anion; Storage periond:3 Month(5-35?) Product feature It can completely or partly replace interinal sizing agent,clean paper making environment,reduce the production cost.It can greatly reduce the paper powder production,improve the printing adaptability and Excellent mechanical stability.It can be used in a variety of different types of sizing machine. A30 and B30 can both be applied to surface sizing.The dosage balance the imported product.It's cost-effective.B30 can blend with whitening agent for high whiteness cultural paper surface sizing and doesnot reduce the whiteness of the paper. Applicable scope High strength corrugated paper, cardboard paper, cultural paper, coated laundry board, white cardboard, copper plate paper and so on. Usage and attention Gelatinization of starch is diluted to 8%-10%.Compared to starch,add 3%-5% of Aluminum sulfate,3%-5% of surface sizing agent solution.If not used with starch,the dosage compared to coating liquid is 0.5%-1.5% (dry solid content).It can be added to the starch liquid sizing pump inlet by metering pump.In the sizing tank,the agent can play better sizing effect at the temerature of 60-65?.In the sizing process,it should be that at least a dryer temperature is above 95?. The paper roll have 100% degree of sizing after completed. Paper moisture will affect its adsorption to starch solution. Generally, before into the surface sizing machine,the paper moisture controlled in 6.0%-8.54% is more appropriate. To avoid sharp dry,or affect the sizing effect. Package and storage Pack it with 200 kg or 1000 kg plastic barrels, sealed and stored at room temperature, stay indoor.


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Packaging 200kgs or 1000kgs barrel
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