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Corrugated Cartons


1)Raw Materials #: N:280gsm American Kraft (generally used for outside paper of carton) M:175gsm American Kraft (Universally used for outside paper of carton) A:200gsm A top grade Kraft linerboard (generally used for outside paper of carton) B:150 or 175gsm A top grade Kraft linerboard (generally used for inside paper of carton) C:150gsm B grade Kraft linerboard (generally used for inside and medium paper of carton) D:250gsm A grade clay coating news back paper (generally used for outside paper) E: 175gsm White Top linerboard/Testliner (generally used for outside paper of carton) F: 125gsm D grade corrugated paper (generally used for medium & flute paper of carton) G: 135gsm C grade corrugated paper (generally used for medium & flute paper of carton) H: 150gsm B grade corrugated paper (generally used for medium & flute paper of carton) I: 160gsm A grade corrugated paper (generally used for medium & flute paper of carton) J: 180gsm AAA grade corrugated paper (generally used for medium & flute paper of carton) 2) Purpose: can be used for producing any kinds of 3ply or 5ply, even 7ply corrugated carton based on the raw material customer choose 3) Printing Techniques: generally used for watermark printing 4) Usual Item Numbers We Produce: 5ply: N5D6N; N5D6A; M4D5A; M325C; M324D; M223D; G325C; G323D; T223D; A4D6A; A4D5C; A325C; A324D; B324D; B224D; B223D; C223D; D223D 3ply: M5A; M4C; A5A; A4D; T3D; G4D; B3D; D3D. 5) Type of flute we produced: Single wall: A flute: around 4.5mm; B flute: around 2.5mm; C flute: around 3.8mm; E flute: around 1.3mm; Double wall: A/B flute: around 7mm; C/B flute: around 6mm; 6) We have three corrugated paper pasteboard production lines.The corrugated paper board we produce could reach 2.5m width and any length you want. 7) Please tell us the item # or the target raw materials you choose, then we will quote the right price and good quality as your requirement.


FOB Price * Not Mentioned
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Sample Offered? Yes
Sample Terms Supplier sends free sample and buyer pays the shipping fee.
* Prices are subject to change. Please contact the supplier for the latest price.

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