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On-Line Porosity Analyzer


Permi is a new on-line paper quality analyzer, designed for monitoring grades where porosity is a critical variable.

Permi provides continuous and immediate feedback on quality and changes of porosity. The measurement time is one millisecond (1 ms) with even low porous papers. The analyser can be used in machines producing the following grades: sack, cigarette, filter, MG-kraft, bank note, photo, SC, LWC base, saturating, tissue, coping etc. papers.

Because of the new design there are no dead times in measurements as it is in the case of conventional analyzers. The analyser meets the needs of ISO 5636-1, ISO 5636-2, ISO 5636-3, ISO 5636-4 standards as well as the most frequently used units as Bendtsen, Schopper, Gurley, Borgwald, Coresta etc can be used when presenting results.


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