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Paper Machine Analyzer


The new standard for paper machine optimization & paper machine analysis TAPIO® PMA (Paper Machine Analyzer) measures CD and MD samples as well as printed samples, with very high resolution. These high resolution measurements, supported by sophisticated analysis capabilities, provide the papermaker immediate and easily understandable solutions by indicating the reasons for the quality or runnability problems. TAPIO® Paper Machine Analyzer One important TAPIO® PMA (Paper Machine Analyzer) application area is CD profile optimization. For example the following CD related issues can be detected and improved: * CD variation by CD controls * Poorly tuned on-line measurement * Actuator problems * Streaks * CD variation caused by wire (forming fabric) showers and by wires themselves * Quantification of CD, MD and residual variation components for fault identification and guarantee performance verification * Unstable CD profiles causing control problems * Retention problems * Wet end problems * Coating problems * Uneven reel condition


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