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Parallel Roll Alligment Service


Roll parallelism unparalleled - by the innovators of inertial alignment Rolls are used in web-conveying production installations in the paper, converting and steel industries. With installations operating at increasingly higher speeds and product quality standards constantly on the rise, precise alignment of the rolls has become a must. In the past, roll parallelism was measured with optical systems such as theodolite, total station or mechanical methods such as contact angle measurement. The measuring process is hindered by the time-consuming nature of these methods, error propagation, relative inexactness and inaccessibility of the rolls. Measurement of rolls in structurally separated areas was virtually impossible. An inertial method of measurement can solve these problems. For this purpose, PRUFTECHNIK developed a revolutionary and unique measuring device for roll parallelism: PARALIGN. The in-built laser gyro technology, commonly used in aerospace navigation systems, makes roll alignment faster and more precise than ever before.


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