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Positive Pressure Cassette Single Facer


1.Corrugating rolls are made of high quality alloy steel. 2. The corrugating rolls are arranged vertically with cassette independent system. the steam pressure transmission, quickly-changed steam plate and quickly-inserted connectors guarantee rapid replacement of all kinds of flutes corrugating roll groups. 3.Corrugation forming parts and glue parts are independently installed. Glue parts is electrically separated, and driven independently electrically, which makes cleaness, maintenance and replacement convenient. 4. Glue system equipped with width and thickness adjusting devices which can adjust the thickness and width automatically according to the production line speed. 5.Independent gearboxe was driven through universal axle. Gear box is lubricated by oil-bathed lubricating oil to enhance service life and stableness. 6.Corrugating rolls and pressure rolls are maily driven by hydraulic system. Main transmission vehicle is arc tooth-like belt features high-speed operation with low noise. 7.Corrugating rolls located under pressure rolls to lower barycenter, which ensures to operate in high-speed and reduce vibration, so that machines running more stablely. 8.Paper is guided by positive pressure aircushion,which ensures high heat utilization and perfect flute formation. 9. Maximum speed 250m/min,width 2500mm


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