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Pregelatinized Starch Tapioca


Tapioca pregelatinized starch offered by us has specific properties such as high viscosity, good color carrier properties and absence of foreign odors. It is often used as an adhesive in paper and corrugation industry, Sizing and finishing agent in textile and as a fluid loss control additive in oil well drilling. Applications / Advantages: 1) Our made tapioca pregelatinized starch finds much favor in adhesive industry because of high viscosity and appreciable binding capacity. 2) Tapioca pregelatinized starch is extensively used in animal feed and fish feed industry as binding agent or expanding agent. 3) It is also widely used in textile for sizing of yarns and finishing of cotton and polyester fabrics. 4) Tapioca based pregelatinized starch is used as a wet end additive to the pulp in the paper industries. 5) It is used as binder in manufacturing mosquito coil, incense stick, dhoop and cone to replace the expensive gum.


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