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Pulp Mill Automation system


Honeywell's Advanced Chemical Pulping Solutions are comprised of pulping, washing, bleaching, pulp production tracking, evaporation, recovery boiler, causticizing and lime kiln solutions. Combining the Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS; in-line sensors and open control technologies, it is easy to understand why Honeywell is a leader in pulp mill automation, improving your quality, reducing your operating costs, and minimizing your environmental impact. Honeywell's solutions for the pulp mill deliver the best and tightest control of your cooking process, for high-quality pulp at a lower cost. These solutions consist of modular, advanced application packages that improve pulp quality, increase production, reduce steam usage and decrease chemical consumption. They integrate real-time and historical information to provide maximum operator visibility and flexibility. Advanced Pulping Solutions “continuous and batch“ use a combination of dynamic feedback and statistical process control techniques to provide precise control of the kappa number, improve pulp uniformity out of the digester and stabilize downstream processes.


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