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Our stock preparation machinery brings profits for our users. We work in many APP's mills in China and Indonesia. Lower power consumption requires 10-30% less power than the conventional pulper(at same capacity). Higher defibering efficiency. Higher capacity approximately 20% larger than the conventional pulper( at same power & size). In batch operation can be at 8% consistency, in continuous operation can be with various sizes of extraction plate. Capacity: Type: HSP-8, HSP-10, HSP-12 Motor(kw): 95-110, 110-150, 150-190 Capcity(T/D): 20-75, 23-90, 30-115 Type: HSP-14, HSP-16, HSP-18 Motor(kw): 190-220, 250-300, 300-400 Capcity(T/D): 40-170, 45-250, 60-350 Type: HSP-20 Motor(kw): 400-600 Capcity(T/D): 80-495 * Using "D" shape tub for operation is able to increase 20% capacity.


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