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TOPRA MD - Printer Unit


Functions: -Available with either Mattews or Roll mounting system. -Pneumatic clutch is adopted on the anilox roll to: (a) make the roll run at the same speed as the main motor when the unit is printing; (b) make the roll stop when the unit is not printing; (c) reduce the possibility of damage to the rubber roll and the anilox roll for improper operation; (d) allow units which are not in use to be washed up while running. -Printing register is digitally controlled by motor and PLC. -Transverse register is also digitally controlled by motor and PLC (±10mm). -Quick set and self locking pull collars. -Self-locking system is adopted on the caliber adjustment of pull roll, impression roll, rubber roll and anilox roll. -A fixed device of printing register and brake of electromagnetic clutch is used when the unit is opened? Upon closing the unit, the positions are precisely restored so the unit is ready for production without adjustment. -Ink saving function,0.4-0.5kg ink can be saved for each time ink change or wash for each unit.


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