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Twin Lobe Compressors


These are positive displacement Twin Lobe Compressors suitable for a wide range of operating speeds to meet the exact capacity requirements of the application. They can be offered for pressures upto 1kg/cm2 and for vacuum duty upto 0.6kg/cm2. These machines can also be used for compression or boosting of various gases.


* Sulphitation Process-Sugar Industry

* Filter Bed Agitation-Water Treatment Plants

* Pneumatic Conveying-Cattlefeed, Cement Grain, Flour

* Slurry Agitation

* Gas boosting

* Humidification-Loom Sheds

* Centralized Vacuum Cleaning Plants

* High Altitude Pressurised Chambers

* Fertilizer Projects

* Cement Blending, Aeration, Fluidization.


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