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Water Ring Vacuum Pumps


Special Features:

* This type of M/Cs are used mainly as Vacuum Pump but can also be used as compressor.

* Simple and Trouble free operation.

* Moist Air, Aggressive Gases, Vapours and dust laden gases can be handled,

* No metallic contact inside machine, no wear &tear, no lubrication.

* Oil free Exhaust.

* No contamination of Medium Passing through.

* Compression takes place with small temperature rise.

* Compact unit due to direct drive.

* Simple construction and easy maintenance.

* Interchangeability of Mechanical Seal without any change.

* Two-stage machines also available on request.


* Filtration

* Condenser Exhausting

* Moisture Extracting

* Priming

* Dearation

* Solvent Recovery

* Evaporation

* Distillation

* Pneumatic Conveying

* Dredging

Materials of Construction:

* Cast Iron

* Partially Bronze, SS 316, Alloy 20

* Complete Bronze, SS 304, SS 316, Alloy 20

* Rubber Lined

* Also other materials as per Customers Requirements.


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