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Waste paper deinking enzyme


Preface Ink and fibre on waste paper attach tightly, it is very hard to remove the ink by ordinary methods. SKHZYE-DPE91A could improve the de-inking ability remarkably, and reduce the alkali dosage by 10%-15%, obviously enhance pulp output and quality of pulps, as well as improve the pulp production performance, which is significantly important in relieving the shortage of paper making resources, and lightening secondary pollution led by recycling of waste paper. SKHZYE-DPE91A is extracted from several mixed special enzyme. It is a powder preparation, with a wide scope of application. The manufacture process including the following steps: cultivate the kind of special patent bacteria in bioreactor (fermenter); isolate concentrated clarified liquor from culture medium; we get the product, a light hazel powder after refining.

Process The product act preferentially on the joint of ink and fibre in waste paper, make the link between ink and fibre become loose, get the ink and fibre easy to separate from each other, promote the removal of ink particles; then, appropriate mechanical action should be taken to make the ink particles and fibre separate completely, improve the drainability and strengthen of de-inking pulp

Benefits 1. Use together with de-inking chemical agents,the product could improve the de-inking treatment ability remarkably, so as to enhance the economic and social benefits for the enterprise. 2. Obviously increase the drainability of pulp, which could clean the paper machine cloth, decrease residual oilstain obviously, reduce cloth washing frequency, prolong the cloth service life, and accelerate the operation and runnability of paper machine. Create benefits for the enterprise. 3. The COD in waste water produced during the process of de-inking is lower by 20%-30% compared with conventional de-inking, so the load of waste water treatment system is much lower, which greatly lightened the environment pollution caused by chemical de-inking. 4. Paper machine closed loop recirculating water became obviously clean, caused the reduction in waste water treatment fees or water volume added. Create benefits for the enterprise. 5. As the link between fibre became multipoint connection after brooming, the paper's tensile, breaking and tearing strength all get improved; more over, the tiny fibers attached again to the long fibers after brooming, further improved the paper


Packaging Aluminum bag or box
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