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Water Treatment Coagulant


This product is non-toxic and no adverse reaction to human beings, approved for drinking water purification process as only synthetic cationic quaternary ammonium polyelectrolyte by the United States Public Health Department (USPHS; safe and reliable, mild corrosion. The product has the characteristics of electron neutralization and bridge absorption in water treatment, good flocculation and sedimentation function. Obvious efficient in decolorization,killing algae, and removing organic matters. Usually composite with polyaluminum chloride. Water Treatment Coagulant is mainly used as water purification coagulant in drinking water and cooling water treatment, also as a biocide, can kill or inhibit the growth of species of bacteria, also is the effective slime control agent.


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Packaging 125kg PE Drum, 200kg PE Drum,
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Sample Terms Supplier sends free sample and pays the shipping fee.
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