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Air Permeance Tester (Sheffield)  Suppliers
3 products from 2 companies in 2 countries

Testing Machines Inc.

Basic Member

New Castle, Delaware, USA

INTRODUCTION: The Monitor/Smoothness Tester is a self-contained instrument for the measurement of Sheffield-type smoothness. This measurement can be used to predict the printing quality of a... View details

INTRODUCTION: The Roughness and Air Permeance Tester is an advanced microprocessor-controlled instrument for measuring the roughness and air permeance of paper and board using the Bendtsen method.... View details

Jinan Drick Instruments Co., Ltd.

Basic Member

Jinan, Shandong, China

The instrument is designed according to GB/T1540-1989, ISO535 (Cobb paper and cardboard absorbency method; which is used to test the absorbency of paper and cardboard, but not applied to valuate the... View details

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East Asia, North America

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China , United States

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Jinan , New Castle

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